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Build High Performing Teams

The success of your project depends on the people involved. The project team members are vital to doing the work of the project efficiently and effectively. The stakeholders connected to the project have the ability to help or hinder a project's success, and therefore need to be kept engaged along the way. A key role of a project manager is the assembling and managing of the project team and any additional stakeholders.

High-performing teams have a shared understanding of and commitment to the project, and possess the appropriate training that empowers them to do the work. In this lesson, you will create a high-performing project team.

  • Determine project team member requirements, appraise team skills, and maintain team knowledge transfer. 
  • Collectively define project ground rules based on context, such as organizational rules and team dynamics. 
  • Determine a negotiation strategy and negotiate project agreements. 
  • Organize around team strengths and support team task accountability. 
  • Ensure team members and stakeholders are adequately trained. 
  • Continually evaluate the effectiveness of virtual team member engagement. 
  • Reach consensus and support the outcome of the parties’ agreement. 

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See More Info On the Flexible Program

We are totally committed to delivering the best possible learning experience. Our highest priority is to see you successfully pass the PMP® Certification exams. To that end, we've developed learning programs to suits the needs of every learner.

The Flexible Program

Study at your own pace, and start as soon as you enrol. 

This 4-week program enables you to prepare for the PMP® exam one hour per day, so that you are not rushing to back and forth from work and other commitment while you study. 

How does it work?

- Enrol today

- The next day, or on any day, attend a one-hour long live lecture over Zoom 

- Continue to attend a one-hour long lecture each day for 4 weeks.

- Lectures are led by experienced instructors and are interactive, fun, and engaging. 

- Each lecture is a stand-alone topic, which means you can start anywhere and anytime in the learning program and not worry about being out of synch. 

If you miss out on a lecture, don't worry, you can always book the next available one. A class recording will be available for any revision work.  

Take your time to go through the 'cloned' exam questions as many times as you need to. 

It's a perfect way of managing your time and internalise new concepts at your own pace.

This value packed program includes at no extra cost: 

- Self-Paced Learning Portal (worth $500)

- Over 200 'Cloned' past exam questions (worth $200)

See More Info On the Bootcamp Program

We are totally committed to delivering the best possible learning experience. Our highest priority is to see you successfully pass the PMP® Certification exams. To that end, we've developed learning programs to suits the needs of every learner.

The Bootcamp Program  

Personalised and engaging learning at its best in micro-sized classes. 

Prepare to be pampered during the intensive 5 consecutive days of learning. 

You will experience personalised attention and incredible support from the instructor.

Each Bootcamp classes are micro-sized to ensure a perfect learning outcome. 

Our Bootcamp program is facilitated by a highly experienced instructor but your learning experience doesn't stop there. 

Even after the Bootcamp is completed, you will have the opportunity to retake any live-virtual classes (not recordings) and continue to access the Self-paced Learning Portal and the Exam Simulator until you pass the exam or for 4 weeks from your enrolment date, whichever comes first.

Suitable for individual learners and corporate booking. 

Includes at no extra cost:-

- $500 Self-Paced Learning Portal  

- Over 200 'Cloned' exam question exercises

See More Info On the PMP® Exam Simulator

The PMP® Exam Simulator

Bullet proof your exam preparation

A perfect companion for the self-study type. As they say practice makes it perfect, so test your knowledge with over 400 questions.

You may or may not realise, but online and on-site PMP® exams are both proctored exams. If you choose to take the online exam, your personal computer will go into a locked-down mode with access to only the PMP exam software. 

Which means you will not have access to the Google search engine, your class notes, paper, pen.. absolutely nothing during the exam. 

Our PMP® Exam Simulator includes questions from past exam papers and it is probably the closest thing you'll come to the real exam environment.

Do a few dry-runs of the exam day, test your timing, and gain confidence.

The PMP® Exam Simulator features include:-

- Guaranteed to be correct answers to the question

- Ability to flag questions and come back to them

- Reports on your progress

- Multiple tries (as many times as you want)

But what if you want to talk to an experienced instructor? Well, we've got that covered too. This pack gives  you access to optional live-virtual tutorials (not recordings) with an experienced tutor. 

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Getting Started on the Flexible Program

Getting Started With the Flexible Program

Study at your own pace, and start as soon as you enrol or at a later time.

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Getting Started on the Bootcamp Program

Getting Started With the Bootcamp Program

A 5-star VIP experience awaits you

Congratulations, you've chosen probably the most accomplished PMP® Exam Preparation course in the world. Expect a highly individualised learning experience with our highly experienced instructors. 

Keep the Bootcamp dates in your diary and wait for reminders! Looking forward to seeing you then! 

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