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George Jamo PMP®

The course was friendly, informative and engaging and I would certainly recommend it to others seeking to further their Project Management knowledge. 1. Tell us a little bit...

Dwayne Price DASM®

Very hands on and welcoming. The environment was professional yet calm and everyone had opportunities to speak making it. a cohesive and organic learning environment. We interviewed Dwayne...

Susan Sutcliffe

After researching several PMI accredited training institutes, I chose PMCOE based upon their packaged resources and stellar reviews. It was great to discuss real world agile implementations We...

Carrie Foti PMP®

My My learning experience has been incredibly valuable. I am using the techniques and training I have learned now to manage my project and facilitate my Team. We...

Kim Dickens PMP®

My learning experience at PMCOE was excellent.  My style of learning is simulated by dialogue with other adults.  I like being coached and mentored. We interviewed Ms Kim...

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Alan Kwon, Co-founder