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How can a PMP® certification boost your career?


Conrado Morlan, a board member of PMI’s Dallas chapter brings home the most important reason for not resting on your laurels, he says “what made you successful in the past will not make you successful today”.

There is more demand for project managers than ever. According to a report published by PMI on Job Growth and Talent, on an annual basis there will be an estimated 2.2 million new project management oriented roles to be filled by employers by 2027. The report also acknowledged the increasing gap between employers’ need for skilled PM workers and the availability of professionals to fill these roles, on a global scale. This is where the PMP® certification, alongside your experience, will make you stand out.

Invest in obtaining a PMP® certification. Be that skilled PM professional with up to date knowledge that employers are looking for, and advance your career!


1. Increase in Salary

The PMP certification is globally recognised and improves your employability prospects. Whether you are looking for work in Australia, U.S, or Canada, the skills and knowledge you have obtained from PMP will be recognised. Furthermore, those with a PMP® certification earn a 25% higher median salary than those without (PMI). This will continue to apply as you maintain your certification over time as median salaries in the US saw an increase based on the number of years of having a PMP.

Source: US median salaries based on the number of years of maintaining a PMP certification (PMI)

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2. Global career opportunities 

The PMI report on Job Growth and Talent outlines the sectors that will attract the most job openings for project oriented roles until 2027 across 11 countries (including China, India, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE).

  • Manufacturing & Construction → 9.7 million jobs
  • Information Services & Publishing → 5.5 million jobs
  • Finance & Insurance → 4.6 million jobs
  • Management & Professional Services → 1.7 million jobs
  • Utilities → 279,000 jobs
  • Oil & Gas → 49,000 jobs
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Perhaps you may consider taking up a role in an industry that you have not worked in before, and broaden your experience. A quick search on LinkedIn for ‘PMP certified’ jobs will lead you to a list of a variety of different opportunities. It will give you an idea of which companies you could potentially work for and the different roles outside of the traditional ‘project manager’ that you could consider. As the PMP certification is recognised around the world, your skills are now transferrable to PM roles in many countries, widening your choice of jobs.

Here are some examples of jobs advertised on LinkedIn that are looking for PMP® certified candidates. You can work globally as your PMP® certification is recognised all around the world by major companies.

London, United Kingdom

Title: IT Project Manager

Company: TikTok

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Shanghai, China

Title: Salesforce Manager

Company: PwC

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San Francisco, California

Title: Portfolio Management Lead

Company: Facebook

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Melbourne, Australia

Title: Engagement Manager

Company: Amazon Web Services

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Because PMP holders are proven to possess the skills that are critical in helping organisations to grow, which are:

  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Emotional Intelligence, social, political awareness, adaptability
  • Business & Stakeholder Engagement know-how
  • Agile Ways of Working
  • PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)

In summary, your PMP certification will:

Enhance your earnings potential and credibility. By adding a PMP certification to your experience, it shows employers that your skills and knowledge are updated as well as your reliability in adapting to new challenges. This sets you apart from others who are not PMP certified, adding value to your resume.

Expand your network globally. Search ‘PMI groups’ on LinkedIn and you will find an abundance of groups to begin networking with. Whether it is sharing PM related resources and news or job availability and events, it is an opportunity to connect with like minded others. There are currently over 1 million PMP certification holders worldwide, and it is likely that this number will continue to rise.

Help you to gain business critical skills. PMP training promotes effective communication with clients, executives and other project managers.

At PMCOE, we are an official Authorised Training Partner of PMI and we have an excellent track record of helping our students get ahead in their career. Enrol in our PMP® course today at https://pmcoe.com.au

PMP® is a registered trade mark of Project Management Institute Inc

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