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Build A Solid Foundation for Business Agility with Disciplined Agile

Tap into the industry-leading process decision tool kit that describes how agile software development, DevOps, value streams, and business teams work in your enterprise.

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Virtual class
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Nov 21  (Monday)
7pm - 10:30pm EST (U.S)
20% off for alumnis 



Agile Primer

In this non-certification course, you will learn all the practical aspects of running a Scrum Agile.

The class will run in a workshop-like environment where you will learn by participating in group activities and discussions. Less theories and more practical learning. 

This is an ideal course if your job requires you to learn Agile in a hurry, or you are looking to extend your career in the direction of Agile project management. 

In this Agile primer-like course, in just a few hours you will become proficient in running a Scrum Agile project. The topics include:

  1. Agile manifesto
  2. Scrum Agile artefacts, ceremonies, and reporting
  3. How to write user-stories
  4. How to estimate user-stories using the Fibonacci number series and T-shirt sizing
  5. How to measure and report on team velocity
  6. Information radiator


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